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Used Furniture Sharjah

Used furniture sharjah buy and sell all kinds of used furniture and used appliances located in Sharjah and other Emirates as well. Our company has been established in 1998 with the aim to provide smooth and easy services to the residents and nationals of UAE. We buy any type of used furniture in sharjah like house furniture, office furniture, store, etc.

Buy and sell used furniture in Sharjah

used bedroom furniture sharjah

Bedroom Used Furniture Sharjah

All kinds of bedroom second hand furniture buy and sell services. If you are searching for used furniture buyers in Sharjah then you can contact us. We also have bedroom used furniture for sale in our store. We do all kinds of used furniture trading like Ikea, royal, luxury and local etc.

used living room furniture

Living Room Furniture

We do all kinds of living room second hand furniture trading in Abu Shagara Sharjah. We buy and sell used sofa, dinning table, tv table and other all kinds of used living room furniture. If you want to sell your used furniture in sharjah and looking for buyers then you are in the right place.

used villa furniture

Used House/Villa Furniture

As we are professional used furniture dealers in sharjah we buy and sell full villa/house furniture with appliances and decor as well. If you have any size of house and you want it sell all of your stuff like furniture, appliances and decor items then feel free to contact us now and our supervisor will be there.

office used furniture sharjah

Office Used Furniture Sharjah

As we mentioned above that we have two types of used furniture trading services like commercial and residential. We buy and sell all kinds of office second hand furniture like meeting table, computer table, manager table and chair, work stations, file cabinets, files cupboards etc.

Know Why

You should do used furniture trading with us?

We are helpful with our clients who want to buy and sell their used items. We have available all kinds of used furniture for sale in sharjah and other emirates as well.

As per our 22 years of experience in same used furniture trading we are looking very straight forward for our client satisfaction.
All those used furniture if you will buy from us or you will will to us will be and should be clean and good quality. Because quality is the main factor of this service.
Our used furniture is quality and we guarantee that this will make stunning your interior design of your house.

Peshawar furniture is a used furniture and appliances (electronics) store in Dubai and Sharjah.

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