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Peshawar used furniture Dubai

Peshawar used furniture buy and sell all kinds of furniture with appliances (electronics) all over the United Arab Emirates. Our stores are located in Dubai and Sharjah. We have a massive collection of all kinds’ available used furniture for sale in Dubai.

  • Buy sell villa furniture
  • Flat, Apartment, Studio furniture
  • Used bedroom furniture
  • Office and house furniture

Do you want to update your house interior design?

If your answer is yes then you came to the right place. We provide all kinds of used house items like furniture, appliances, curtains, décor items, etc.

Services of Used furniture buyers in Dubai

We are a team that provides you a lot of services that you would think and want in your minds. Our services are very simple and easy to comprehend and if you do contact us so we will arrange for you to use our service. We have given you a lot of services brought everywhere in Dubai. Like, used furniture selling service, buyer service, used second hand appliances service, and many more items, etc. We are a team of buy and sell second hand furniture Dubai market. If you are moving from an old to a new place so our team will inspect and calculate the price to buy your old things. We buy and sell used furniture in Dubai with appliances and also in Sharjah.

About Peshawar Used Furniture Store

Peshawar used furniture Dubai is a second hand furniture store which is located all across the UAE. We buy and sell any type of second hand furniture, used appliances, household items, utensils, curtains and decor items.

We have professional carpenters available with us 24/7. So don’t worry if you buy furniture from us for fixing and delivering to your house. We will fix the furniture in your house as per your directions.

Peshawar used furniture was established in 1998 in the emirate of Sharjah Abu Shagara and then later spread to Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well. Our main focus and primary goal is to give you smooth services on reliable prices. We have available all kinds of items in our store if you are looking for used furniture buyers in Dubai then just contact us and our team will be there for giving you the price.

Payment Terms

We have two main types of payment (cash on delivery, online payment).

Cash on delivery

If you want to buy used furniture or second hand appliances before the delivery you will pay your bill in the store. And if you will sell used furniture Dubai so before taking the item we give a reasonable price of the item at that time in your home.

Online Payment

If your order has become 10,000 Dirham above so you have elected to pay it online otherwise You should be paid at that time in the store.

Home furniture pickup service

If you wanna sell your used furniture in Dubai but you think that how will it sell. Then we buy and deal with you in your house and you are free because we will pick it up at our store. Our supervisor will visit the house and he will pay you in your house in cash and then our team will take all the items which you sold to us to the store.

We do home delivery if you will buy

If you will buy second hand furniture and used appliances Dubai so our team will take the furniture and deliver it to your home. Delivery charges will be paid by the customer. Do you want to sell your second hand furniture in Dubai? If yes then you have the right place because if you will sell your used furniture to us and we will pay a valuable price according to your items. We pay reliable prices if the items are in clean and good condition. We buy and sell used furniture in Dubai complete with home goods like bedroom sets, living room sets, appliances in excellent condition at very reasonable prices.

Why do people get used furniture in Dubai?

Many people are getting second hand items because they are the inferior price according to the original price. You will find your favourite set of furniture if you can’t afford the new set charges of that furniture feel free to contact here if you are looking for used furniture for sale in Dubai.

Used furniture buyers in Dubai

You have preferred to buy and sell your used furniture in Dubai like bedrooms, Bed, Sofa, Table, chair, Luxury Furniture, Royal Furniture, High-Quality Furniture, Local quality furniture, Residential Furniture, villa, apartment building, Commercial Furniture like Office, store, market, etc. (Work stations, meeting table, sofa, reception, file cabinet, etc.) and the kitchen items and everything in between. All items have available furniture for sale in Dubai. If you have buy and sell your used furniture in Dubai so you almost certainly will spend less time delivered into your home. We also buy and sell restaurant equipment. We also buy Hotel furniture. If you see second hand furniture stores in Dubai so we are here.

We can help when the time to buy and sell your home furniture comes. If you sell your home items in high quality. Then we were likely to want them. And if you sell your furniture and his quality is not good so we have to leave those items.

We are a team of professional people. If you buy items the quality of this used furniture equals the new furniture.

Second Hand Appliances Buy and sell

We provide a lot of used appliances of different varieties in good quality conditions. Second hand Appliances (electronics) are available in good quality and condition and affordable prices. Like Fridge, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Oven, Water Dispenser, Ac, Electric and Gas Cooker etc. The quality and durability none the less equals the new appliances these used appliances are the product of various famous brands.

Why do you buy used furniture Dubai?

Because we give you second hand furniture Dubai in a valuable price, punctual service, clean, durable and best quality condition furniture.

Décor items

We have a lot of used décor items for buy and sell. And we have all kinds of décor items available like, Table lamps, Cushions, Candles, Roughs, Vases, Art etc. The quality and durability of the décor items like new décor items and these products are very famous brands. We promise to offer the best interior products with furniture information and keeping unique décor products for our clients.

Contact us if you have any inquiry regarding used furniture

We are buyers and sellers of all kinds of used furniture Dubai. Please call us if you would like to buy and sell second hand furniture and second hand appliances. So a second hand furniture store in Dubai is here. Send us the name of your house and furniture that you have to wish to sell alongside their images. We will respond back within 1 hour for more detail. After receiving information we will come to you and evaluate your furniture. If you are happy to buy or sell used furniture in Dubai with our offer so we have arranged a set of furniture.

Our Mission

We are working honestly and punctually. We provide the best and accurate quality used furniture buyers in Dubai services, appliances and also Décor items. And bring updated trends for you with creative brands and throw to deliver quality products and good services.

Our Values

We aim to build high quality brand second hand furniture in Dubai, Second hand appliances, décor items, luxury products punctual and affordable things. Professionalism, honesty, probity, hard work, punctuality, time management, is the core values that constitute our work management. Because of the presence of meaningful planning, better organizational structure, hardworking staff, better direction, effective coordination and effective feedback system drive our services orientation with special focus on meeting the needs and demands of our valuable customers.

Luxury furniture

Luxury furniture price is high compared to other furniture because they have been made of high quality and condition and we give you second hand furniture in Dubai a clean and quality. And time spent for many years. We have available luxury used furniture for sale in Dubai.

Royal furniture

Royal furniture is lower priced than the luxury furniture it is also made of high quality furniture. It is clean and of good quality, and this furniture has spent time for many years. Royal Used furniture market in Dubai is available for sale.

Local furniture

Local furniture prices are low because they are made locally and less time spent than the luxury and royal furniture. It is a good quality but only made locally. We have available a lot of local used furniture for sale in Dubai.

Peshawar furniture is a used furniture and appliances (electronics) store in Dubai and Sharjah.

Abu Shagara - Sharjah - UAE

+971 50 779 2370